Lyra Butler-Denman is a certified Alexander Teacher and a faculty member at the Alexander Alliance International. She began her study of the Alexander work over a decade ago. As a young dancer she used the Alexander principles to help find efficiency, strength, and presence. After a spine injury years later that left her severely incapacitated, she re-discovered the Alexander work. She credits Alexander not only with restoring her health, function, and dance career but also in allowing her to awaken to a stronger and smarter body and a deeper understanding of herself. Lyra became an Alexander teacher in order to be able to give her clients the profoundly transformational tools it has to offer and to help others find the ease that has been so freeing for her. Lyra studied at the Alexander Alliance SW/NW and the Alexander Alliance Germany and is certified as an Alexander Technique teacher by Robyn Avalon and the Alexander Alliance SW/NW and the Contemporary Alexander School