"Lyra brings deep and diverse skills, great listening, and strong intuition together to meet you where you are and support major transformation. I have a very different relationships with my body, new tools, and a much deeper appreciation of my ability to change through working with Lyra (not to mention greater strength, groundedness, balance and flexibility!)"
 -Tasha Harmon
"I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for working with me while I was in Portland.  It is still amazing to me how significantly working with you completely changed how I am able to use my right shoulder and arm.  It even changed the way my arm hangs from my body (it matches the left side now!).   My Pilates instructors in Tampa all noticed the difference immediately.  I would have to say they were awestruck.  The change gave my arm and shoulder a normal range of motion, and this has allowed me to work on improving my strength.   The discomfort is now gone too.   I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with you, and I just wanted you to know how major this change was to my life.  I still don't fully understand how you did it, but I am thankful to you every single day!!!"        
 -Barabara Sellers