WHat is pilates?

Classical Pilates focuses on developing a balanced body: a body equally strong and flexible, with stable joints, a mobile spine, and strong core. Instead of working body parts separately, strengthening the pieces without integrating them into the whole, Pilates trains body systems to work together, creating a cohesive, integrated body that can move with support, efficiency, and ease. A total-body system, Pilates utilizes specialized equipment, spring tension, and body weight to create a developed, supple, and fully functional body while improving breathing and coordination. Classical Pilates was first developed as a rehabilitation and health-building method in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates with a ficus on the advancement of the body, mind, and sprit. It is a safe, low-impact way to build strength, decrease pain, and increase overall health. Practicing Pilates will change how you look, feel, and move. 

what is gyrotonic?

The GYROTONIC expansion system is a unique movement system that helps to unwind and open tight joints, lengthen and strengthen muscles, increase spinal mobility, and create integration. It takes a holistic view of the body, using spiraling and circular movements to stimulate and strengthen all the systems of the body. GYROTONIC uses specialized equipment, deep breathing, rhythm, and flowing exercise sequences that can help heal injuries, decompress the body, and improve overall health. Juliu Horvath, a dancer and gymnast, created the method after intensive study of dance, yoga, gymnastics, swimming, and tai-chi with a focus on natural movement.

Who benefits from pilates and gyrotonic?

Everyone! Pilates and GYROTONIC are exquisitely designed systems on their own and work beautifully as compliments to each other. Both are used by all kinds of people, think of them as cross training for your life. These methods can help you move and feel better, allowing you to do the things you love with ease, grace, efficiency, and strength. Pilates and GYROTONIC increase body-awareness and mental clarity helping to decrease stress, increase mindfulness, and improve focus. They develop physical control and precision, ensuring that not only are you exercising safely and effectively in the studio, but also are able to use those skills in the rest of your life.  Pilates and GYROTONIC improve balance, fluidity, and alignment helping to prevent future falls and injuries. Whether you're looking to rehabilitate and injury, improve your performance in anther area of your life, or simply increase your overall well being, Pilates and GYROTONIC are wonderful tools for any body. 

about lyra's teaching

Lyra began Pilates as a teenager to rehabilitate a dance injury and began to study the GYROTONIC expansion system years later to help recover from a serious back injury. Since then she has continued to use both along with Contemporary Alexander Technique as effective healing and strengthening tools for herself and her clients.  She cares deeply for the well-being of her students and enjoys teaching clients of all ages and abilities and has extensive experience working with rehabilitation, spinal injuries, athletes, joint replacements, pre- and post-partum clients, cyclists, runners, and dancers. She aims to help her clients engage in the activities they love with strength, efficiency, safety, and ease. Lyra teaches Classical Pilates as learned by direct educational lineage from Joseph Pilates through Eve Gentry and Michelle Larson. 

Lyra is certified in Classical Pilates by Michelle Larson through the Core Dynamics Pilates teacher training program in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Michelle Larson is a master teacher and founder of Core Dynamics Pilates who continues the legacy of Eve Gentry, a Pilates elder, one of the first students of Joseph Pilates to teach his work, and the founder of the Institute for the Pilates Method. Lyra is also certified as a GYROTONIC expansion system apprentice teacher.


Lyra offers lessons in Portland, OR at reFORM Pilates and Movement
If you are interested in scheduling a session, please email: lyrabd@gmail.com or contact reFORM Pilates and Movement at 503.232.3560